80 Women Who Ruined my Life…

8.- Nicole Kidman

I would describe myself as emotional and highly strung. If something upsets me, it really upsets me. If something makes me angry, I get really angry. But it’s all very upfront. I can’t hide it. I’m also loyal and I hope I’m fun.

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I’ll be well.

Dianna Agron at MOCA’s 35th Anniversary Gala, Presented by LOUIS VUITTON

Dianna Agron visiting the Fruttare Hangout at Coachella.

Emma Stone at The Amazing Spider-Man 2 premiere in London.

Andrew Garfield and Emma Stone enjoy scooter ride in Rome - April 13, 2014

"I’ve known Julianna for some time. In fact, she called me about the job at the same time that they offered it to me. She said, “Hey I’m doing this show, and there’s a cool role, and I think you’d be great for it.” I came in with a history with her. She’s just the greatest (…) Everybody takes what they do very seriously, but Jules doesn’t take herself so seriously. And she is such a good person, by nature such a caretaker. It’s in her genetic make-up. It’s why she’s such a good mom. She just wants to make sure everybody around her is taken care of. We’re really lucky to have someone like that leading the ship." - Josh Charles

Emma Stone at The Amazing Spiderman 2 World Premiere

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I feel like I’ve run out of ways to describe Julianna Margulies’ performance as Alicia—I’ve used “scintillating” and “transformative” already, haven’t I?—but “The Material World” is another brilliant showcase of it.

-Sonia Saraiya for The AV Club